Outdoor gym


Click the image above for a bigger picture showing the layout of the gym

Cherry Burton Parish Council Chairman Receives cheque for £9996.00 from Big Lottery

The Sportsfield Management Committee is pleased to announce they have received funding from the Big Lottery and ERYC to install Outdoor Gym Equipment on the Cherry Burton Sportsfield.

The funding has been supplemented by the Parish council to ensure the project costing £13.5k will be available to use by the end of October 2016

Grants were as follows

Big lottery £9996
ERYC £2000
Parish Council £750
Sportsfield Committee £750

The outdoor equipment includes Air Skier, Air Walker, Bicycle, Seated Chest Press and Pull Down Challenger. Around the base of the equipment will be a rubber safety surface.

The equipment is specifically designed to be used by people of all ages and abilities and is suitable for the less agile helping to improve fitness and flexibility.

The investment continues the improvements to the sportsfield. Over the last 5 years circa £150k has been invested to improve the activities on offer to the parishioners.

The gym was designed, built and installed by Playscheme whose website is at www.play-scheme.co.uk.